We look forward to welcoming you to Little Red Robin Restaurant & Wine Bar. 

We are open from 4pm - 11pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

12 midday - 12 midnight on Friday & Saturday

*Please note we have both table & bar seating options and you will be asked to select your preference of Table OR Bar seating during your reservation booking process*

Full menu is available at both the bar and tables

Chefs Bench bar seating is available please request at time of booking

For reservations greater than 8 please email us at hello@littleredrobin.net.au or phone 9418 9529.  

We are located on Birdwood Lane, Lane Cove - opposite The Canopy Lane Cove (the Rosenthal Development)

Parking is challenging in Lane Cove at the moment.  There are street options and various parking stations around the suburb.  Allow time to find a spot.

Dinner Bookings are offered with a two hour seating allocation.

To ensure all guests receive full attention, we allocate dinner reservations out across dining periods so occasionally popular time slots may not be available.

Any reservations that are not confirmed will be reallocated.

Thank you for giving us 24 hours notice for any cancellations